Megan’s Approach

The therapeutic approach Megan uses is psychodynamic therapy, which focuses on coming to terms with what is within us, rather than looking for ways to get rid of a particular symptom. Working psychodynamically means paying particular attention to the exchange taking place between therapist and client rather than the discussion of ideas, giving advice or assigning labels. This allows for an environment where defensive patterns are not just referred to but may be seen functioning for what they are, specifically to hinder our ability to face reality, feel discomfort, block intimacy and avoid vulnerability. Using this approach, a person may gain new insight into how their choices were being determined and can then experience a freedom to make different ones. Having the freedom to choose  allows for a more unrestricted life.

Megan is a gender affirmative therapist meaning that she does not see gender variations as disorders. Megan recognizes that gender presentations are diverse and varied across cultures, requiring cultural sensitivity and humility. Gender involves an interweaving of biology, development, socialization, culture and context. Gender may be fluid and is not always binary. If distress is present, it is often because of environmental factors in the culture, not the pathology of the individual.

Megan calls upon her training in Feminist Psychoanalytic Therapy, Jungian Psychology, Relational Psychoanalysis, Brainspotting, Object Relations, Queer Theory, and Play Therapy to help guide the work. Megan integrates play therapy and psychodynamic therapy in her work with children.

Many people can only attend therapy once a week, while others want more frequent help.  Typically, Megan works with people in long-term depth psychotherapy.