Upcoming Training Sessions:

Presenter: Fostering Affirmative Care for LGBTQ+ Youth in Child Welfare: A Cross Systems Approach. Speaking of Children Conference, Omaha, NE, 04/19.

Previous Training Sessions:

Co-Presenter: Providing Affirming Nursing Care to Transgender Patients. University Nebraska Medical Center Nurses Training, Omaha, NE, 02/19.

Presenter: Families in Conflict: Assisting in Mediation Cases Involving LGBTQ+ Youth. Nebraska Supreme Court's Office of Dispute Resolution, Conciliation Court, Omaha, NE, 01/19.

Presenter: Therapeutic Care of LGBTQ+ Youth. Pride Players, The Rose Children’s Theater, Omaha, NE, 12/18.

Presenter: Pride Month-Considerations in Medical Care for LGBTQ+ Patients. University Nebraska Medical Center Internal Medicine Grand Rounds, Omaha, NE, 06/18.

Presenter: Parental Conflict: Special Consideration with LGBTQ Children. Nebraska State Bar Association, Lincoln, NE, 05/18.

Presenter: Providing AffirmingGynecologic Care for the Transgender Patient. University Nebraska Medical Center Obstetrics Grand Rounds, Omaha, NE, 05/18.

Presenter: Health Disparities Among the LGBTQ+ Population. Douglas County Health Department, Omaha, NE, 04/18.

Presenter: Providing Effective, Inclusive and Affirming Treatment and Care of LGBTQ Individuals. Child Guidance Center: Lincoln, NE, 04/18.

Presenter: Intersections Between Eating Disorders and Queer and Trans Identities. National Eating Disorders Vigil-University Nebraska at Omaha, Omaha, NE, 02/18.

Presenter: Working with Non-Affirming Families. Gender Education Demystification Symposium, Salt Lake City, UT, 02/18.

Presenter: Providing Affirming Care to Gender Expansive Children and Their Families. University Nebraska Medical Center Psychiatry Grand Rounds, Omaha, NE, 02/18.

Co-Presenter with Sam Carwyn: Affirming Polyamorous and Consensual Non-Monogamous Relationships. Eyes Wide Open Conference: Des Moines, IA, 11/17.

Presenter: Caring for Transgender Clients Throughout the Lifespan: Critical Issues Facing Children and Adolescents Conference: Salt Lake City, UT, 10/17.

Presenter: Strength-Based Assessment: A Collaborative Model for Decreasing Barriers and Increasing Positive Medical Outcomes: GenderWorks Conference, University Nebraska Medical Center, Omaha, NE 10/17.

Co-Presenter with Sam Carwyn: Affirming Polyamorous and Consensual Non-Monogamous Relationships: National Association of Social Workers, Omaha, NE, 9/17

Trainer: Annual Foster Parent Training: Providing Affirming Homes for LGBTQ+ Youth: Nebraska Children's Home Society and Lutheran Family Service, Omaha, NE 4/17

Presenter: Clinical Work with Couples in Transition: Gender Diversity in Relationships: University Nebraska at Lincoln, Lincoln, NE 4/17

Presenter: Providing Affirming Services for Transgender Military Personnel and Veterans: Veterans Affairs, Lincoln, NE, 3/17

Researcher: Brennan, S., Irwin, J., Drincic, A., Amoura, J., Randall, A., Smith-Sallans, M. (2016) Relationship Between Gender-Related Stress and Resilience Factors and Mental Health in a Midwestern U.S. Transgender and Gender-Nonconforming Population: Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality, Phoeniz, AZ 11/16.

Co-Presenter with Dr. Jean Amoura: Where There is No Center of Excellence: USPATH, World Professional Association for Transgender Health, Los Angeles, CA 2/17.

Presenter: Caring for Transgender Clients Throughout the Lifespan, Half day Intensive Training, National Association of Social Workers-Heartland Chapter, Annual Conference, Omaha, NE 9/15/16.

Presenter: Providing Affirming Care for Trauma Survivors Who Are Kinky and/or Participating in BDSM: University of Nebraska at Lincoln and Voices of Hope, Lincoln, NE: 10/3/16.

Presenter: Year of Unity: Creating Safe and Affirming Space for LGBTQ+ Youth in School: Bellevue Public Schools, Bellevue, NE: 8/8.

Presenter: Providing Affirmative Care for LGBTQ+ Youth in Foster Care: Nebraska Children's Home, Omaha, NE: 8/9.

Presenter: Suicide as Metaphor: Deeper Implications on Themes of Existence and Recognition in Transgender Communities and Using Sandtray to Explore Gender with Young Children: World Professional Association for Transgender Health, Amsterdam, Netherlands: 6/19, 6/20.

Co-Presenter with Dr. Jean Amoura and Committee Member: Corn This Way: Emerging LGBTQ+ Youth Leadership Conference: Know Your Medical Rights, Omaha, NE: 5/21.

Presenter: How to Support LGBTQ Youth: For Families and Schools. GLSEN, Omaha, NE, 03/12.

Presenter: Suicide as Metaphor: Deeper Implications on Themes of Existence and Recognition in LGBTQ+ Communities: Suicide Prevention Network, Omaha, NE: 03/04.

Co-Presenter with Dr. Diane Ehrensaft: Stories in the Sand: Using Sandtray Therapy to Explore Gender with Young Children: Gender Education (De)Mystification Symposium, Asheville, NC: 01/26.

Presenter: Maintaining Relationships Through a Gender Journey: Nebraska Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, Omaha, NE: 12/15.

Presenter: Working with Clients Involved in BDSM and Kink in the Clinical Setting, National Association of Social Workers-Heartland Chapter, Annual Conference:09/18/15.

Presenter: Assessment and Therapeutic Recommendations for Gender Expansive Pre-pubertal Children and their Families, GenderWorks Conference, Omaha, NE:09/11/15.

Planning Committee Member : GenderWorks Conference organized by the Professional Transgender Resource Network at the Community Engagement Center, University of Nebraska-Omaha: 09/11/15.

Co-presenter with Dr. Diane Ehrensaft: Gender Spectrum: Stories in the Sand: Using Sandtray Therapy to Explore Gender, Berkley, CA: 07/15.

Co-Presenter with Dr. Jean Amoura:  Philadelphia Trans-Health Conference: Caring For Trans Youth When Parents Collide, Philadelphia, PA: 06/15.

Committee Member and Presenter:  Corn This Way: Nebraska Youth Emerging Leaders Summit: Resiliency Training and Self-Care for LGBTQ Youth Advocates, Omaha, NE:05/15.

Presenter:  Domestic Violence Counsel: Intimate Partner Violence: Serving Transgender Communities, Omaha, NE: 05/15.

Presenter: Nebraska School Social Worker’s Conference: Working with Gender Diverse Youth in the School System, Lincoln, NE: 04/15.

Planning Committee Member: Gender Reel Film and Performance Art Festival, 2014 at the Joslyn Art Museum, Omaha, NE: 10/19/14 and 10/18/2015.

Co-Presenter with Dr. Jean Amoura: Working with Gender Creative Children and Their Families: A Clinical and Medical Collaboration at the 2014 Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality (SSSS) Annual Meeting, Omaha, NE: 10/07/14.

Presenter: Working Therapeutically with Transgender Clients, University of Nebraska at Omaha: 10/14.

Co-Presenter: Gender Identity Development in Children and Working with Transgender Adolescents at the 2014 National Association of Social Workers-Heartland Chapter, Annual Conference: 09/19/14.

Co-Presenter: The Road to Expert: Becoming an Expert in Transgender Healthcare at Gender Odyssey, Seattle, WA: 08/14.

Presenter: Creating Refuge: Nurturing Queer Youth with Mental Health Issues and Substance Abuse, PFLAG Regional Conference, Omaha, NE: 03/2014.

Presenter: The Mental Health and Medical Needs of Gender Creative Children, Adolescents and their Families, University Nebraska Medical Center, Omaha, NE: 03/2014.

Co-Presenter with Samantha Carwyn: Ally Mentoring: LGBTQ Youth at the Creating Change Conference, Houston, TX: 01/14.

Presenter:  LGBTQ Youth: Bullying and Suicide, Nebraska Wesleyan, Lincoln, NE: 10/13.

Presenter: Maintaining Relationships through a Gender Transition, National Association of Social Workers-Heartland Chapter, Annual Conference, Omaha, NE:  09/13.

Presenter: Mental Health and Substance Abuse Issues among LGBTQ Youth, Midlands Mentoring Network, Omaha, NE: 08/13.

Presenter: Maintaining a Relationship Through a Gender Transition at the 2013 Gender Odyssey Professional Seminar, Seattle, WA: 07/31/13.

Group Facilitator: Grief, Loss and Transformation: Partners in Transition, Gender Odyssey, Seattle, WA 07/13.

Presenter: Diversity in the Classroom, Millard Public Schools, Omaha, NE: 2/13.

Presenter: Part One: Deeper Analysis of Clinical Approaches with Transgender Clients; Part Two: A Review of the Current and Future Socio-Political Movements Impacting Transgender Communities, Nebraska Association of Social Workers, Omaha, NE: 9/12.

Co-Presenter:  Gender Diversity in the Education System, Millard Public Schools, Omaha, NE. 08/12.

Presenter and Conference Organizer: Using a Relational Psychoanalytic Approach to Working with LGBTQIA Clients: Queering Psychotherapy Conference, Omaha, NE: 03/12.

Presenter and Conference Organizer:  Defining a Gender Specialist; Working Clinically with Gender Creative Children and their Families: Professional Transgender Resource Network Conference, Omaha, NE, 03/12.

Introductory Discussant for Arizona Psychoanalytic Society Salon. “Memories of Metaphorous: A Transgender of the Mind.” Jack Drescher, MD; Ryan Sallans, MA; Megan Smith, MS; David Rappaport, PhD. Scottsdale, AZ: 10/29/11.

Co-Presenter: Starving, scarring and suffering: Eating disorders and self-injury among transgender clients at the 2011 World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) Biennial Symposium, Atlanta, GA: 09/26/11.

Group Facilitator: Supporting Your Transgender Partner through Surgery: Gender Odyssey,  Seattle, WA: 07/11.

Presenter, Facilitator and Organizer: Raising Your Gender Creative Child: Parent and Caregiver Symposium, Omaha, NE: 05/11.

Presenter:  The Therapeutic Role in a Gender Transition: River City Gender Alliance, Omaha, NE: 05/11.

Presenter:  Transgender 101 for Therapists: Chi Sigma Iota Conference, Omaha, NE: 04/11.

Presenter: The Impact of National and International Sex Trade: Amnesty International, Omaha, NE: 04/11.

Presenter: Therapeutic Needs of LGBTQ Communities: PFLAG, Omaha, NE:  01/11.

Panelist: A Critique of Ma Vie En Rose: University of Nebraska at Omaha Women’s Studies Department Film Festival, Omaha, NE 11/10.

Co-Presenter with Dr. Jay Irwin and Ryan Sallans: Queering Sexuality: National Association of Social Workers-Heartland Chapter, Annual Conference, Omaha, NE: 10/10.

Co-Presenter with Abra Poindexter: Sex Trafficking: Word Made Flesh’s Beggars Society, Omaha, NE: 06/10.

Co-Presenter: When a Family Member “Comes Out” as Transgender: Planned Parenthood, Lincoln, NE: 07/10.

Talkback Speaker: Sex-trafficking series, Part 1: Hidden in Plain Sight: Prostitution in Nebraska, a short film, Omaha, NE: 06/10.

Co-Presenter with Dr. Jay Irwin: Working with LGBTQ Homelessness: Metro Area Continuum of Care for the Homeless, Omaha, NE: 01/10.

Presenter: Working with Gender Variant Children; Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault among the LGBTQ Communities: National Association of Social Workers-Heartland Chapter, Annual Conference, Omaha, NE: 10/09.

Presenter: Trauma Informed Care for LGBTQ Communities:  Kearney Hospital Systems, Kearney, NE: 09/09.

Presenter:  Working with Gender Creative Youth: University of Nebraska at Lincoln, Lincoln, NE: 06/09.

Featured Speaker: 2009 Breaking Barriers Conference, Nebraska Domestic Violence Sexual Assault Coalition (NDVSAC), Kearney, NE: 05/12/09.

Presenter: Healthy Relational Dynamics in LGBTQ Communities: Iowa Pride, Des Moines, IA: 02/09.

Co-Presenter with Dr. Mack-Shipman: Hormone Therapy for Transgender Individuals: River City Gender Alliance, Omaha, NE: 02/09.

Presenter:  Helping Our Schools Become LGBTQ Inclusive: Nebraska Home Economists, Omaha, NE: 01/09.

Presenter: The Needs of Transgender Individuals Living in the Midwest: PFLAG, Omaha, NE: 01/09.

Presenter: LGBTQI Communities and Trauma: Trauma Informed Nebraska, Lincoln, NE: 01/09.

Presenter: The Impact of Homelessness on Transgender People: River City Gender Alliance, Omaha, NE: 11/08.

Presenter: Maintaining Healthy Relationships: Greater Omaha LGBT Professionals Group, Omaha, NE: 02/08.

Presenter:  Trauma, Substance Use and Psychiatric Disorders: Omaha Police Department Quarterly Training, Omaha, NE: 10/07-10/08.

Presenter: Working with Transgender Clients: Salvation Army, Staff Training: Omaha, NE: 06/07.

Presenter: Working with Individuals Involved in Sex Trade: Salvation Army, Staff Training, Omaha, NE: 03/07.

Presenter: Creating an Inclusive Environment for Transgender Clients: Lutheran Family Services, Clinical Staff Training: Omaha, NE: 10/06.

Presenter: Wrap-Around Services for HIV Positive Individuals: Nebraska HIV Care and Prevention Consortium, Lincoln, NE:  07/06.

Presenter:  Transgender 101National Association of Social Workers-Heartland Chapter, Annual Conference, Omaha, NE: 11/05.

Presenter: Working with Individuals in the Correctional Setting: ACLU, Lincoln Nebraska: 09/04.

Presenter:  Transgender Individuals Involved in Sex Trade: Omaha Prostitution Symposium, Omaha, NE: 03/03.

Presenter: Strength Based Case-Management: Salvation Army, Omaha, NE: 10/01.

Presenter: Children of Mother’s Involved in Sex Trade: Nebraska’s Youth at Risk Conference, Lincoln, NE: 11/98.